Sheriff Stan Burchardt warns Hillsdale County residents to be on the Alert for SCAMS and Fraudulent activities.

The Hillsdale County Sheriff Department along wth other area Law Enforcement Agencies have been taking many complaints of Phone Solicitations.  This time of the year is especially a busy time with TAX SEASON. Criminals take advantage of Tax season by making calls posing as IRS agents. One tactic used is someone calling you indicating there is a problem with the recent submission of TAX documents. The criminals advise you that they need to verify your identity. They may have some information about you including your name and address, however they are searching for your Date of Birth and Social Security Number. NEVER PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION TO SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW!.

Frequently when a call is made giving reference to TAX documents, Criminals want to request Bank Account information. AGAIN NEVER PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION TO SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW.  Once they have your bank account information money is then STOLEN from your account.

Sheriff Burchardt reminders everyone that something that appears to be TOO GOOD, for example: You have just won a new car all you need to do is send in the money for License Plates.

Is always a SCAM and a FRAUD. The best defense against this type of activity is NOT to be fooled or tricked into providing your personal identity to anyone over the phone. 


These types of Crimes are very hard to track down. Frequently the persons responsible are not in HILLSDALE COUNTY nor even the State of Michigan. Many of these operations originate from overseas.


If you have been a victim of one of these cases call 911 and an officer will be sent to your home to investigate.   


Sheriff Stan Burchardt would like to remind everyone that the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Department is providing a couple of valuable classes this spring and summer.


HCSD continues to provide the very best in Concealed Pistol Classses in Michigan. Our department was one of the first to offer Pistol Safety Classes once the law changed in 2001. Our instructors are the very same instructors that train all of our staff concerning Firearms Safety, tactical Use and legal authority for use. We offer a limited number of these classes per year, so click here to see our 2016 Firearms Safety Class Schedule.

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