The Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office has an Operations Division that is comprised of the Dispatch Unit, Dive Team, SWAT Team, and Marine Patrol Division.

  • Dispatch Division - Responsible for handling phone calls to the Sheriff's Office. Crash reports, tickets, radio logs and complaint numbers entered into the LEMS in-house computer system. Monitor and admit visitors to secure portion of the Hillsdale County Jail. 

  • Dive Team - Volunteer and sworn deputies who are called upon to retrieve bodies from the waters in Hillsdale County. 

  • SWAT Team - 20 member team made up of officers from Hillsdale City Police and Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office who are trained to handle dangerous situations when called upon by the Sheriff or Undersheriff. Also works closely with the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT). 

  • Marine Patrol Division - Responsible for maintaining marine safety on the waters within the jurisdiction of Hillsdale County.