The HCSO Dispatchers are responsible for handling phone calls to the Sheriff's department. Crash reports, tickets, radio logs and complaint numbers entered into the LEMS in-house computer system. Dispatchers are responsible for monitoring the cameras in each of the cells in the Jail as well as monitor and admit visitors to secure portion of the Jail.

The HCSO Dispatch functions as a backup to Central Dispatch in the event of a power failure or loss of radio communications or telephone services, receiving 911 calls and dispatching police, fire and emergency first responder personnel throughout the county.

Dispatchers also assist in the preparation of Concealed Pistol Licensing Gun Board data. Copies of applications are paired with the applicant's fingerprint results. Criminal history background checks and driving records are run through LEIN on each applicant before being forwarded to the Gun Board for review.

Dispatch is under the command of Lieutenant Tim Parker.tparker-wopt