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The Hillsdale County Jail houses a total of 67 inmates in general population. The holding cells are not considered general population and can house another 13 people of pre-arraignment status. Our jail staff consists of one Administrator/Captain, one shift sergeant, eight full-time jail deputies, one full-time cook and several part time employees. Through the Michigan Department of Corrections, the Hillsdale County Jail has received the 100% Jail Compliance Award for several consecutive year and continues to be in compliance through the hard work and dedication of the corrections deputies and jail administration. 

For more information about the Hillsdale County Jail visitation hours & rules, inmate calling & rules and bond information and programs, please see the link below or you may call the Sheriff's Office at (517) 437-7317.

  • Visitation Hours & Rules 
    Visitation is on Thursdays or Fridays. No one under 17 years of age may visit an inmate without a parent/guardian present. The Inmate must inform his visitors of his/her time and day. Visitation is by cell and by alphabet. Visitation changes from week to week so it is the inmate's responsibility to contact his/her visitor with those changes.
  • Inmate Calling
    Inmates may call using a credit or calling card or they may call collect using their inmate phone. Calling cards are available for purchase in the jail lobby.
  • Bond Payments Online
    You may choose to make bail payments online through GovPayNet.  Note: A Non-Refundable GovPayNet service fee will be added to all transactions. Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® or Discover® cards are accepted. 
  • Jail Programs
    Many programs are available to inmates including (but not all-inclusive) church, pastor visitations, group meetings for religious studies, mental health programs, substance abuse programs, inmate visitation and video arraignments.