Training Classes Available


Sheriff Stan Burchardt would like to remind everyone that the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Department is providing a couple of valuable classes this spring and summer.

HCSD continues to provide the very best in Concealed Pistol Classses in Michigan. Our department was one of the first to offer Pistol Safety Classes once the law changed in 2001. Our instructors are the very same instructors that train all of our staff concerning Firearms Safety, tactical Use and legal authority for use.

We offer a limited number of these classes per year, they can be found on the link on the left. 

Sheriff Burchardt also reminds residents and non-residents of the Boating Safety Classes provided free of charge every year. Marine Safety is a priority of the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Department and our Deputies instill this theme with enforcement activities and education. Be sure to search available classes on the link to the left.